Homelessness and Poverty are Everyone’s Problem

I was about to go home to my family when I was impressed upon to write this blog. Poverty is a monumental struggle for anyone. People who live in America- and though poverty plagues people from all over the world, I live in America and my Bible tells me to “Clean the inside of my own cup” and that means (to me) to deal with my own backyard, so to speak, thus this blog.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of homeless. It’s likely that everyone who comes across this post will have an immediate mental image of what a homeless person looks like. Let me help you.  This was similar to what I saw when I lived downtown Los Angeles about 2 years ago. When my husband and I were “sleeping on concrete” we had a very precise protocol we followed every day when it was time to lay down for the night, hoping and praying that the police wouldn’t stop by to kick us awake and force us to move because homelessness is against the law, don’t you know. To God’s credit, it only happened once the entire time we were living like that, if you can call it living- existing is probably more accurate in terms of definition. 

As I’ve said in the title, homelessness is everyone’s problem. Why? First and foremost, it’s everyone’s problem and everyone SHOULD care about it. They should be our priority and concern because we’re all human and as the saying goes, “There but for the grace of God go I”. Homelessness can happen to anyone. The streets are filled with people who’ve never had a job- and those who were doctors, lawyers, VETS. Yes, VETS, as in those who went to war so that we “could be FREE”. Returning from that war, which they somehow escaped alive, only to come back to the place that sent them out and what thanks did they get? Doctors who refused to care for them; overly prescribed medications with extremely negative side-effects, people looking their noses down at them because they can’t afford to live anywhere so they sit in their filth and stink wherever they can.  


Homelessness is clearly a recurrent theme in my life. Having grown up in “Middle Class” America, I (or anyone else that I knew) would never have guessed that at some point in time, I would be homeless. That my children would be homeless. That my next meal would be provided after standing in “the line”.  And yet that’s exactly where I’ve been; first in Pennsylvania (York) when I left New Life for Children and Mothers in Glen Rock, PA and then again in Iowa – multiple times, actually. Since my met my husband in 2004, I’ve (we’ve) been homeless approximately half that time – in point of fact, we JUST moved into our first real apartment and we’ve been married 8 years in September and our son is 4 years old. Our passions are usually borne of life experience so that’s probably at least PART of the reason this is such a strong subject with me. It’s not right for human beings to be shoved around, forgotten and treated like animals while ANIMALS are housed, cared for, adopted out and have organizations pulling the heart strings to make us feel guilty about their welfare while they step over “Joe Schmo” to get to them. 

Homelessness is a problem because it’s embarrassing, it’s unnecessary (as long as there are empty buildings with  no one using them, there is room to house people)


and it’s terrible on the economy. People flood here from other places having heard about America being the place where “Dreams could come true” and they’re accepted, fed, housed, educated while people who were born right here are unable to have any of those things. Do I know how to take care of this problem? Yes and No. Yes, I could come up with a thousand scenarios that would at least HELP the issue but I answer mostly in the negative because people with power are selfish and wrapped up in themselves and would never go to the lengths that they could to take care of the problem because taking money out of a millionaire/billionaire’s hand is nearly impossible. The fact that they became that way largely due to the “underlings” under them – secretaries, whoever makes the products, etc., is apparently lost on them. And to take it a step further, even if they DO have humanitarian leanings, the propensity to take their money and their “caring hearts” to the masses usually lands them in third world countries ( who need the help – don’t get me wrong – but there are rich people everywhere, not just America). Even though it’s AMERICAN’s who made them rich- buying their products, for one) they STILL take their money to the other countries.  

Ok, I will wrap this up; I could talk forever. I only ask that whoever is out there who wants to help the poor, start by “cleaning out their own backyard”; as the expression goes, “Grow where you are planted”. Take care of business at HOME and THEN progress outside. 



About Overcomers International Ministry

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the spiritual and physical healing of a hurting world. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Overcomers International Ministry (OIM) is comprised of a church, office and food pantry.

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