Volunteers Literally Keep Us Afloat!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this page, so I wanted to do that, AND introduce Steven to you all! Steven Brooks has been with us for some time. He works at the office once a week and at the church every Sunday, operating the sound equipment during the praise and worship segment of church. 

imagejpeg_2  ***************************************************************************************************************************

Good morning! Next week, April 12, we hold our next fundraiser. We will be in front of Walmart on Platte Street here in Colorado Springs, CO. If you’re in the neighborhood, please do come and visit. We’d love to meet you and see if there’s anything we can do for you.

I have just become aware of another situation that needs immediate attention! We have a mother, 8 months pregnant, who is desperately in need of baby clothes for newborns as well as diapers. Anyone out there who’s had children and especially those who have struggled with ever increasing prices in baby attire and supplies knows how hard it is for a single mom to acquire everything needed for baby.

Those who wish to donate, you are welcome to stop by next Friday, April 12th for the fundraiser and to drop off baby clothes and/or diapers or, if you wish, you can come by the office and give directly to us here at 2210 La Salle #205 here in Colorado Springs. 

You are so much appreciated, all who read this; all who give to those less fortunate- you are giving to Jesus and there’s no greater gift you can give!!


We, at Overcomers International, would like to welcome Lisa Alexander and Christine Daniels to our family of volunteers. Most everyone comes to us, as has been explained, via Viewpoints/Directions or Employment First, both provided at Goodwill Logo and these two ladies are no exception. We’re thankful to God for providing them because they’re wonderful ladies and they know the computer! In the time I’ve been here at final-logo-21.jpg, we’ve had so many people come that are willing to do whatever we need them to do…but do not have the necessary skills when it comes to utilizing the computer which is what we really need the most. It’s admittedly hard for someone like me, who’s been using the computer forever, to understand when others do not have the same knowledge- it’s kind of like trying to understand cancer or any disease when you yourself do not have that disease, nor have you ever KNOWN anyone with it. Unless you’ve been in their shoes, you can’t possibly understand.

So, without further ado, and before I get into another three-part-sermon happy,smile,smiley,funny,fun,emotion,emoticon,face, let me introduce these ladies to you. 

First, there’s Christine Daniels. Christine just began this last week. She’s hardworking, willing and doesn’t have to be told what to do every three seconds. This morning, when she finished the assignment I gave her, she fixed the desk she was sitting at without even having to be told. 

  imagejpeg_5 (5)

Next, there’s Lisa Alexander. Her first day was today, following our Interview and  she’s funny, hardworking and dedicated. She’s cracked me up so many times today I’ve lost count. Love a woman with spirit! Anyway, I gave her a project and she completed it so fast I didn’t even know she was done. It’s wonderful to have these ladies in our group…I pray that God will continue to bless them, us (both personally and professionally) as well as this ministry!

  imagejpeg_4 (7)

**In an effort to remain as current as possible, let me say that Lisa has now moved on, having found employment, which is WONDERFUL as that’s why people come here from Employment First and Viewpoints/Directions. We miss her dreadfully, but we’re equally overjoyed that she has gained a wonderful new opportunity to shine!!


As mentioned in the last blog, our welcome to you, Overcomers International Ministry is comprised of volunteers. In due time, we pray to secure grants that will enable Apostle Iva Bowers to hire staff but for the moment, it’s all done by people who love the Lord, believe in the ministry and have a heart for those who downtrodden, both spiritually and economically.

In light of this, introduction of three of these volunteers is in order. First, there’s Gigi. Gigi has been with this organization three months. She works on the spreadsheets needed for multiple factions involved with OIM as no business can run itself. God has blessed us with her, her cheerful demeanor is uplifting for all.


**In an effort to remain as current as possible, let me say that Gigi has now moved on, having suffered some serious health issues, including pneumonia. We pray for her health and for her and pray that God will allow her to come back, should it be his Will, to come help us and bring us her spirit once more.

Then there’s Sonya. Sonya is extremely valuable to this ministry as she speaks Spanish fluently and therefore can minister to our Spanish-speaking clients and friends. She also does the creating of the beads, a tool we use to bless those who donate $20 or more. Thanks be to God for this wonderful woman of God. She is wonderfully proficient at fundraisers as well!


** In an effort to remain as current as possible, let me say that Sonya has now moved on, having found more opportunities for employment in Chicago, following a trip to Mexico. We pray for success for her in the Windy City!

Next, there’s Heidi. Heidi has been here exactly one week ago. Her part is to  be of as much use in the office as she can be. She created this blog, is working on getting all the information needed for this ministry to get involved in either an Organic Buyers Club or a Co-op,  so as to be as faithful with the food and stretch it as far as it can be and to see what kind of grants can be found and utilized so that Apostle Iva can hire the staff she wants to.

Heidi 2

Cindy and James are a husband, wife team who have been here at final-logo-22.jpg as volunteers since  August of 2012. They are in charge of the food pantry, making sure that the hungry are fed, the needy clothed. They attend the fundraisers and give of themselves unselfishly. Thank you, Lord, for this dedicated couple!!

Cindy and James 3

It’s an honor and a privilege to work for the Lord and to have work to do. Trusting in the Lord is an exercise of faith and we’re thankful to have Him always at our back. There are far more volunteers than the three mentioned; eventually, as many as can be will be mentioned-and introduced.

May God bless this ministry, the volunteers, those who lift us up in prayer and remember that families and children are involved, even if indirectly. 

Thank you, Lord, for your unspeakable gifts!!


In keeping with the promise to keep on introducing volunteers, let me introduce to you, Heather, working for Overcomers International Ministry, all the way from Alabama! We simply could not do without her!!


Heather Moultrie is the current and longest standing treasure of the Overcomers International Ministry. She has attained a certificate in business management allowing her to excel among her peers in the company. Heather also maintains the title of executive director, overseeing all capital raising activities in addition to the oversight of volunteers looking to add experience through the ministry.


Teena McDonalds started working with us today. She’s a lovely person whom I had the privilege of interviewing and “hiring” as a volunteer. 

Teena 2

As with any job, one must find out where their talents lay and apparently creating bracelets is it-she’s only just started and already has created wonderful pieces for those who give $20 or more (as described in another blog). 

Thank you, Teena!! You’re invaluable to us and I, for one, can’t wait to see the doors the Lord opens in the furthering of both your career and your personal growth!!


About Overcomers International Ministry

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the spiritual and physical healing of a hurting world. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Overcomers International Ministry (OIM) is comprised of a church, office and food pantry.

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