Won’t you Partner with Us?

Wont you partner with us


A.R.I.S.E. Has Happened Again!!

Once more, our partners at Goodwill Industries  have blessed us with the opportunity to progress in our desire to help the community. ARISE FLYER


Twice a month, they hold these A.R.I.S.E. events where local businesses come to Goodwill Industries on Colorado Avenue here in Colorado Springs and make themselves available for those who need help. The most recent one was held two weeks ago on September 4th and it was so much fun! I actually filled in for Christine DSCN0783, who normally attends these functions, representing OIM but, blessedly, she is back in the seat and I’m doing what I do best – let all of you know what’s going on! As usual, she has outdone herself and here are a few pictures of the beautiful table she put up.

IMG_20130918_090944_0 IMG_20130918_091008_0

IMG_20130918_091027_0 IMG_20130918_091037_0

Christine is our new Office Manager. She and I traded places in our positions, so now I can operate as the Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator of this nonprofit organization, as well as function as HER assistant which totally works for me and makes me very happy! She’s been here just about a month less than me but I’ve been watching her, as had been the people that I answer to. We all came to the same conclusion- Christine is made for management. She’s fair and just and able to say what needs to be said; do what needs to be done and although I can function in the role (and have since I arrived 6 months ago), it is not a role I enjoy, nor do I seek to continue in if another is more qualified than I am – and Christine is. No question about it 😀

One of the wonderful things that Goodwill Industries did to assist us (and I likely mentioned this before) was arrange for us to keep our clothes in one of their offices. They went a step further and moved us into a much bigger space.  Christine, Antoinette, Teresa, Chelsea, Stacy, Cindy and James and myself spent all day at Goodwill Industries the day before the A.R.I.S.E. event getting the room ready. We worked very hard and when we left on Tuesday with stuff yet to do, we knew there’d be a great deal to do when we returned the following day. While I was manning the table and talking to prospective interns/volunteers, Antoinette, Teresa, Cindy and James were working hard to have the room in ship-shape order when people began coming to get clothes so they’d be prepared for job interviews and such. Thank you LORD for blessing us so greatly!

To let you know how much things were changed from one degree of space to the other, this is what it looked like BEFORE we moved. The room was adequate but definitely not spacious…

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_3 (1) imagejpeg_3 (2) imagejpeg_4 (1) imagejpeg_5 (1) imagejpeg_6 (1) imagejpeg_7 (1) imagejpeg_6 (1) imagejpeg_9 (1)imagejpeg_8 (1)

… and this is what it looks like as we were working on it for this new event:

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_2 (17) imagejpeg_2 (18) imagejpeg_2 (22)imagejpeg_2 (23) imagejpeg_3 (1) imagejpeg_3 (11) imagejpeg_4 (9) imagejpeg_4 (10) imagejpeg_4 New Clothes Closet

We have more room; more clothes and so many people have been outfitted for employment! We’re grateful to God and Goodwill as well as everyone who’s donated clothes, shoes, children’s clothes, and even winter stuff like boots, coats, etc! Man, you all rock!!

For any and all, in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, who would like to help those less fortunate than themselves, please feel free to contact us. We’re always looking to partner up to help as many as we can!

I don’t need church to believe!

I don’t need church to believe!.

We are Moving

Good morning, Colorado Springs and anywhere else, my “voice” is heard!

cropped-oim-logo.jpg is moving! We’ve been blessed with a new office and a new opportunity to continue the work that we’ve started. It’s always been unpopular to be godly. The longer I live, the more I observe, the more I recognize how blatant it’s become. Landlords are raising the rent, forcing people who can’t afford much, in this case, nonprofits, to be forced to relocate. Such is this situation. But as Scripture says, “What man means for evil, God uses for good”. Thank you, Lord, for your unspeakable gifts!

Below is a map, courtesy of Google, between the “old” site and the “new” site. We will have completely moved in, God willing, by October 1st.

This is what the office looks like right now ( a great deal cleaner as these pictures were taken pre-clean)…

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_3 (4) imagejpeg_4 (3) imagejpeg_5 (1) imagejpeg_6


Who’s your Neighbor?

The New Testament instructs us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” but who IS your neighbor? Is it the circle you call friends? Is it people of the same economic group as you belong to? Or, could it be that it’s the homeless guy you passed this morning on your way to church, or to the movies or to…wherever else you had to go? For me, it’s anyone who passes by, regardless of how they’re dressed, how they’re acting or speaking or what they’re doing. Maybe they’re not the BEST neighbor we’ve ever had, but that doesn’t change the fact that they ARE our neighbor.

Let me tell you about MY neighbors. They are poor. They are homeless. They have nowhere to go at night. They want jobs but none seem to exist and if they DO, they go to everyone BUT those seeking them, They have either a past – or a present – problem with drugs, alcohol, etc. They may not have worked for years. They’re trying to climb a hill and a mudslide of political and peer pressure, discrimination and generalized animosity is coming right at them and they’re expected to climb and not drown; to withstand the  pressure put on them, raise a family, etc., with pretty much NO support from those who are called to do so.

I was just sitting here, listening to Ray Boltz singing “What if I Gave All” and as always, this songs brings tears to my eyes and a sob to my heart.

Please take a couple minutes and really listen to this song…It’s been the cry of my heart, as moderator of this page to be able to help those who are in need. It’s so discomforting for me to realize how big and pure my heart is, in spite of my humanity and fight against sin, and just as great a need as the kids portrayed on this video. And the killing part? I’m not trying to reach Africa– I’d settle for my backyard- Colorado Springs, Colorado – and the  people who come here to OIM to be blessed with food and clothes and whatever else we can give them.

imagejpeg_8 (2) needs to look like this: DSCN1796

imagejpeg_3 (3) needs to look like this: DSCN1787

The truth is that I’m tired. I’m tired of watching my pastor  hold her head up and practice her faith and know that she must, when no one is looking, cry out to God and ask him why people will spend hundreds of dollars for Denver Bronco‘s tickets but when it comes to money in the offering plate, there’s not enough to pay a tiny staff to work. I’m one of those prospective employees and I can’t even cover my rent since the government cracked down on TANF and food stamps so I do my best to hold my head up and do the best I can and wonder if I won’t be forced to take my family back to the shelter where we will once more be separated. My boss keeps telling me to trust God and believe and I know in my heart and spirit she’s right but if people don’t step forward to help, we’re screwed- and it’s not right. It’s not right that some people have more than they’ll ever need and others don’t have anything. Psalms 73 speaks of this so clearly but still I am human and love my family above all and lived through the damage it did to my son being separated from his father for 6 months. He’s only 4 years old and we desperately need help; both me and my family and this organization I’ve served faithfully the past 6 months.

I’m discouraged and tired of running my mouth about this. I’m tired of using increasingly obvious guilt tactics but what else can I do? I can’t force people who claim to be Christians to come forward. I can’t force people to read or buy my book.VFWTS I live in a constant state of fear, whether I like it or not. broken heart

See, this isn’t a popularity contest. If it were, I’d lose by default, primarily because so few know I’m even alive, despite  my many social outlets. It’s not a lack of trying: it’s a lack of RESULTS

Lord, please open the door.  Let me know that there are still a FEW who don’t “bow the knee to Ba’al“. The lines of demarcation are no longer clear as they used to be…I pray that we find a way to find each other and join forces to make a difference.  You are my neighbor and I am yours. ❤

Daddy and Ish  Mommy and Ish  Raphael and Heidi


Good morning,  I hope you are all well!happy face


 Tomorrow and Saturday, August 16 and 17,  a fundraiser will be held at Palmer Park Walmart from 9 am-5 pm. Palmer Park WalmartWe need to collect donations so that we can hold our next food give-a-way, the last one occurred on May 30th. DSCN0774 To do that, we rely on donations from good hearted people like yourselves.  Now, a salesman, I am not. I’m an eternal optimist and I  trust that people will  give us  the funds we need to collect but I also know that we’re in a bad economy (not as bad as it WAS, but still bad) and some, if not most, people are just trying to feed their families. HOWEVER, there ARE people who can help and do not. Like any state, there are super poor people- and super RICH people. It’s hard for people with money to let money out of their hands because they come to trust the “security” in having wealth AND riches (not necessarily the same thing). Those are the people I am asking to step forward to help. They can afford it; they need to help. If I can work for free (except for TANF and Food Stamps), than they can step forward to help those who are down and out. And there are a LOT of homeless people in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and the surrounding areas. We help them ALL- we do not just focus our attention on one place. Colorado Springs has a lot of food pantries – the surrounding areas, including Manitou Springs, do not and we want to be available to help and assist all who need. The community that is Colorado Springs, can help, and we pray they will. ***Also remember that everything helps us- 1 Cent is as valuable as 1 Dollar; and that is NOT cliche!***

**** REMEMBER THIS: WE ALWAYS ARE OPEN TO IN-KIND DONATIONS AND WE ESPECIALLY NEED MEAT…CHICKEN BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT, as well as hot dogs and other meats and vegetables that can be used quickly. You will be given or sent a letter from us authenticating that you gave as you can claim it on your taxes as a write off, up to $500 as well as a bracelet, hand-made at OIM. bracelets ****

If you need more reasons to give, consider this: this has been a year from hell, weather wise. Despite the claims of drought, we’ve been plagued by torrential rain, flash floods, people losing their homes, etc. Please consider giving to us so that we can give to THEM; to those who’ve lost everything, in some cases, including loved ones. And also, while you’re considering  that, remember THIS- those that you hear about are only some of the people affected by this weather. Those who are not mentioned…the HOMELESS- where do THEY go when the rain is dumping inches of water in minutes? Does anyone even think to spare them thought? Having  been there myself, I most certainly do. Yes, I’ve been blessed with a place to live, a roof over my (and my family’s) head but I’ve only been there for 6 months- previous to that I was at the shelter and prior to THAT I was in another state (Iowa) because the FORMER state I’d been in (California) didn’t have jobs available for me. Like I said, I’ve been in and out of homeless a LONG, LONG time. Now, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help those that I understand, a position I’ve dreamt about for many years, but until now have not been able to do. 





Our new Clothes Closet

Good day, folks!! I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Never realized how much is required of a manager, at least not on a personal level…getting the idea these days!


I’m finding out that the work never ends- there’s ALWAYS something to do. Recently, Cindy and James (our Food Pantry Coordinators   were contacted by an organization in town who had an overabundance of clothes. They wanted to donate them to us. We’d already been talking about a clothes closet so this fit right into our plans. Of course we couldn’t allow a little thing like NO ROOM deter us from our plans. 😉 True to their nature, Cindy and James demonstrated the love of Christ and took all those clothes, as well as racks to hang them up on, home with them, carted over 50 bags of stuff up to the third floor and filled up one of their bedrooms, holding onto the clothes for us. 

After collaborating with our partners at  Goodwill Industries to include a Clothes Closet with our next A.R.I.S.E. event, we (who normally work in the office) met at Goodwill and set everything up. It only took two days and on the third the event was to take place.

Many thanks goes to Christine, Chelsea, Stacy, Steven, Heather and Heidi for all the work accomplished!! A big thanks to D.P. and all our fabulous connections at Goodwill!! So glad we’re in partnership! 

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_3 (1) imagejpeg_4 (1) imagejpeg_5 (1) imagejpeg_6 (1) imagejpeg_7 (1) imagejpeg_8 (1) Clothes giveaway 1 Clothes giveaway 2

Reopening the Healing Gallery!!!

Good morning, everyone! I pray that you had a splendid 4th of July, AKA Independence Day!! independence day My family and I watched the fireworks from our balcony as we have a great view of the mountains happy face

Now, it’s Monday; the holiday’s over and it’s time for B. A. U. No, I’m not talking about the Behavioral Analysis Unit for all you (fellow) Criminal Minds lovers: I’m talking Business As Usual…only it’s really not because tomorrow, on July 12th at 7 P.M. is the unveiling of a project months in the undertaking, a project we’re calling the Transformed Healing Gallery, the story of the Bible in Fish Tanks. 

3962442 3962443 3962444 3962445 3962446 3962448 3962449 3962451 3962452 3962453 3962454 3962455 3962456 3962457 3962458 3962459

These are some pictures of what are in the fish tanks but there will be a new video next week, once the event has passed. Here is the old one:

If you are in the neighborhood and would like to attend this awesome event, please feel free to come! It will be located at 607 Bryce Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. 


November 11, 2011 was the first opening of the Healing Gallery!

November 11, 2011 was the first opening of the Healing Gallery!

Healing Gallery Exhibit 2

A Partial View of the fish tank exhibits

Healing Gallery Exhibit 3

One view of the Healing Gallery


Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_1
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_2
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_3
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_4
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_5
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_6
Healing Gallery Prayer Testimonies_Page_7


images (1)
independence day 2

Video Pictures of OIM

I have several videos on YouTube that correlate to the ministry I am privileged to serve at. I figured, rather than  have people running after ME, why not bring it to a central location? That having been said, I will be adding to this post as I create more videos…enjoy! I LOVE working here!


Without Further Ado….




The “Transformed” Healing Gallery


Join us as we rededicate

the Healing Gallery

(the Life of Christ and more. in 3-D)



You have to see it, to believe it;

So come and see…

Friday, July 12th, 2013

7:00 P.M.

607 Bryce Drive, Colorado Springs, CO


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