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Apostle Iva Bowers, CEO/Founder

Now that you’ve seen what Iva’s done for those in the community…are you willing to help us do even more??! Donate today; support us today. Go to and bless us financially!! We’d also love to see you at church so don’t be a stranger!!


Upgraded Business Boutique

This is Heidi, moderator of this page:

The day that the Business Boutique opened, I met Apostle Iva at the front of Goodwill. I had just quit smoking and was doing just fine, just quietly waiting for her to arrive. I had butterflies in my stomach but that was nervous excitement (Seriously, not kidding- I’ve literally NO cravings for cigarettes, thank you LORD!) Anyway, she pulled up in front and got out of the car. I helped her carry stuff in and she said, “Wait till you see it!”. I walked into the room and my jaw hit the ground, ya’ll. If you look at the before and after pictures, it’s not hard to figure out why!

photo (2) Our New and Improved Clothes Boutique 1379915_484825221615547_2072185025_n

And these are the pictures of what the Boutique looked like BEFORE it’s reinvention!!

IMAG0014 IMAG0015

Good morning, Family and Friends

32128ClipartIllustrationOfAnExpressiveYellowSmileyFaceEmoticonWithHeartsAdmiringHisCrush1Good morning, family and friends!! I pray you are sooo blessed this morning! This is Heidi, moderator of this page.

I’ve been working at OIM for almost 8 months now and I love it more now than the day I slipped  my way  in to interview with Apostle Iva Bowers for the position.  Now, it’s 8 months later and I have so much more knowledge of the organization than I did all these months ago. I also have less time! The more I do, the more there IS to do…bet that sounds familiar, doesn’t it??!  I live in my own little world, sometimes. It’s hard being me, and no one could do it better than I. Sounds weird, right? You’d be amazed at how much introspection goes on within me. See, the Bible talks about God knowing all about us…knowing our rising and our sitting; our getting up and our laying down. As much as possible, given the fact that I will have to stand before Him one day and wanting to be ready, I spend a lot of time maintaining my life. I don’t do everything right and even do a lot wrong but I’m here 100% for Overcomers International Ministry and  I am blessed beyond belief to have been given the opportunity to serve my community – and my God – in this small way. In my mind, the only thing that could POSSIBLY make my life any better is a paycheck of SOME size…then I could “volunteer” to my heart’s content. I LOVE nonprofit organizations! I’ve been around them for decades and human interest is definitely closest to my heart. The homeless, the sick and disadvantaged – these are the people who rip my heart out…and make it beat. God knows the integrity of my spirit. He knows that, while I fall all the time, and have trouble saying “no” to anyone, that there’s NOTHING I won’t do to please my Daddy. 

So, who am I? I’ve been managing this page for months and though activity has increased a bit in recent weeks (I’ve been praying for success in my social media pursuits), I don’t think I’ve ever covered who I am.  My name is Heidi Joy Hameed. I am almost 41 years old. I have lived in 6 states, so many towns/cities it’s not even funny. I have been through foster care, adopted (not particularly happily but at least I was reared in the knowledge of Scripture and the Heidelberg Catechism I’m not writing the things I am as a sympathy ploy – at almost 41 years old, it’s way too late to spend time thinking my past with the view of feeling sorry for myself. Too many blessings are in my life, too little time remains between now and when the next customer comes through the door seeking help to survive in this wretched life, so often living with the feeling of abandonment. It’s hard to be homeless; it’s hard to be poor. These days, it seems to be the norm for people to kind of smooth life issues over in an attempt (recognized or not) to not have to deal with issues in society; issues in our own personal lives. Too little time remains till Yeshua comes to take <part of>  the flock home. 

Overcomers International Ministry is my home-away-from-home. I spend most of my time here.  When I’m not here, I’m thinking about it. I want to be effective here; efficient with my time, successful with my attempts to get funds coming in to this nonprofit, whose sole goal is to help as many in the community as possible; to further the gospel. We walk by faith; we’re faithful with the least. It’s taken me all morning to write this particular blog because I’ve been talking to people, helping bring food into the building to be inventoried and sent out to  Goodwill Industries  other places, to partners we’ve created alliances with. I’ve asked God – my Father- to guide and direct my path.  As always, we are accepting donations.  To donate by Pay Pal or by CC, go to and do so. If you wish to mail a check, make it payable to Overcomers International Ministry. May God bless you each and every day. We covet your prayers…as James says, “The strong, effectual prayer of the righteous man avails much”.  

We are so thankful to God for partners. We thank him for Women’s Resource Center for donating the clothes that we’ve been able to bless people with!  Without them, we would not be able to help as many as we want to!

image (4)

image (5)

image (6)

image (8)

image (11)

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)

October Fundraiser at Sonterra’s Grill

Good morning,  I hope you are all well!!

 On October 14, 2013, Freedom Chiropractic will be hosting a dinner at Sonterra’s Grill, here in Colorado Springs. I do hope that some of you can attend, if you’re in the neighborhood. The tickets are $15 and all proceeds will go to Overcomers International Ministry. For more information or to obtain tickets, please call me at 719-646-5354 or email me at 


Our new Clothes Closet

Good day, folks!! I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Never realized how much is required of a manager, at least not on a personal level…getting the idea these days!


I’m finding out that the work never ends- there’s ALWAYS something to do. Recently, Cindy and James (our Food Pantry Coordinators   were contacted by an organization in town who had an overabundance of clothes. They wanted to donate them to us. We’d already been talking about a clothes closet so this fit right into our plans. Of course we couldn’t allow a little thing like NO ROOM deter us from our plans. 😉 True to their nature, Cindy and James demonstrated the love of Christ and took all those clothes, as well as racks to hang them up on, home with them, carted over 50 bags of stuff up to the third floor and filled up one of their bedrooms, holding onto the clothes for us. 

After collaborating with our partners at  Goodwill Industries to include a Clothes Closet with our next A.R.I.S.E. event, we (who normally work in the office) met at Goodwill and set everything up. It only took two days and on the third the event was to take place.

Many thanks goes to Christine, Chelsea, Stacy, Steven, Heather and Heidi for all the work accomplished!! A big thanks to D.P. and all our fabulous connections at Goodwill!! So glad we’re in partnership! 

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_3 (1) imagejpeg_4 (1) imagejpeg_5 (1) imagejpeg_6 (1) imagejpeg_7 (1) imagejpeg_8 (1) Clothes giveaway 1 Clothes giveaway 2

A.R.I.S.E. Event

Earlier last week, my boss, Iva, was invited to an event given by Goodwill Industries. She delegated that honor to Christine and myself as she had prior engagements and so we went and had a ball!

imagejpeg_6 (15)

imagejpeg_3 (16)

imagejpeg_4 (18)

imagejpeg_2 (15)

We had a fantastic time! We gathered 26 signatures of interested individuals, scheduled 3 people for interviews between Friday and Monday and networked with the other people in the room, the organizations represented ranging from free medical care for the un- and under -insured to offers for free GED possibilities including CPR and other worthy things to know. If I wasn’t so busy- I might try to get certified again as I was many years ago wink face!

In future blogs, I will be introducing some of the people (as soon as I email them and obtain their permission) that I met today because we’re a community and we’re all trying to do the same thing- help people, just using our individual skills and resources. By partnering up, I – along with OIM-can help more people, bring in more interested volunteers and doners. I believe God loves collaboration- after all, is not our relationship with God through Jesus the Christ, the ULTIMATE COLLABORATION??!

Following this event, I received an email from the man who invited us to the function, thanking us. I want to share it with all of you, withholding the name until I can properly introduce the people we’ve partnered up with, assuming we end up going that direction.


Thank you so much for coming, your presence and resources helped to make this our greatest event so far and we only hope to get better.  Yesterday we had over 200 participants come through our doors and we help 27 participants find employment 19 of which start work today.  Our next event will be July 10th from 9:30am-2:30pm we would be honored to have you again.  If you would like to attend feel free to contact me via email or call.

I am so blessed to have the privilege to represent an organization that helps the needy. I guess it’s because I am who I am  and my very recent experience with homelessness – off and on for the last 9 years- that makes me especially sympathetic and empathetic with the plight of those who can’t and don’t have enough to eat, places to work and live, etc. On the other hand, I have been  blessed in soooo many ways and with so many wonderful people throughout the years that it makes all the suffering worth it, most days.  

puppies 2  Puppies 3

Puppies   Puppies 4

**** As an end note, I am so happy to report that we have 13 interviews lined up for perspective volunteers. God is so awesome, ya’ll!****

Don’t Grow Weary in Well-doing

Sad EmiconLook, anyone who’s been with the Lord for more than 2 years will be able to tell you how hard it is to be of The Way. For those of us who have been walking with Him longer? It’s no different than at 2 years except that the level of conviction is raised as you realize that, in so many ways, you’re no stronger at 10 years than you were at 2; and that’s a frustrating thing to acknowledge.

For many years I have looked for a calling; my heart being what it is, is drawn to organizations that do nothing but help other people. Whether I’m acknowledged or not is primarily irrelevant. In the end, it’s all about the calling- and in particular, the ONE who CALLS. For me, that is my Father, God the Creator of Heavens and Earth

So here I am, working 40 hours a week at this organization. Our dream is to get a grant, hire a staff, perhaps get a bigger building and carry on doing better and better work, helping more and more people. In REALITY, we have several projects going in order to obtain these dreams and in the meantime, I (along with the others who devote their time to final-logo-22.jpg), who am supposed to be oh, so mature in the Faith, can think about nothing other than the lack that I live with- lack of money being the the most prevalent issue. It’s really hard to trust God to supply all my needs when I know that we’re broke, the end of the month is more than 2 weeks away and the little bit of food stamps we have retained won’t go that far. Cash is nonexistent. All I can think about on days like today (depth of depression) is there’s GOT to be some way to earn some cash!!! But I check Craigslist, the job boards and while sending out applications and whatnot, am constantly reminded that there are people here at  OIM who are COUNTING on me and my fear is of letting them down. Depression is scary to deal with because thoughts that I normally shove to the back of my brain and refuse to think about are so  THERE right now that I know that by blogging this, talking my insecurities out and reaching desperately for my Father’s hand is all that is keeping me from doing something that can never be undone. 

Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary in well doing: for in DUE season, we shall reap, if we faint not”. I wish I knew God’s timing sometimes. Those words are so simple and self explanatory and simultaneously, so hard to accept.  Why can’t that be NOW? Why do I have to struggle my whole life? Why do I watch people grow rich all around me when I’ve NEVER asked for riches, only enough to take care of my family so I don’t have to worry about being homeless every month? How can my present situation be any good for anyone? People are not heartened and encouraged by people going through the same muck-n-mire as they are; they are bolstered by those who have been there and are on the other side. That’s what a testimony is! 

Ok, so it’s a little later than when I began this blog. I’ve met with my boss, gotten word on what she needs and wants done and, as work tends to be for me, a strong balm to my spirit. It’s always nice to know I’m valued and my employer always makes sure I know I’m needed. happy face

Look, it’s hard being a child of God in this day and age. Hatred and bigotry, sadness and despair seem to be the norm. If you’re “normal” AND trusting in God than YOU, my friend, are the oddity. Isaiah 5:20 says this. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” We are in these days. I find this to be true more and more. And since our conflict in deciding to trust God (who is unseen) rather than what we CAN see is usually fought inwardly, we have to reach out with determination and ever open defiance in order to progress into maturity. 

I am blessed to have an avenue to meditate openly. We hear complaining about the United States all the time; some of us are even guilty of it ourselves- Lord knows I am!- but the reality is that we haven’t gotten so far into evil YET that there’s no option for speaking out against the evil in the world; the voices that stress that if you’re not happy, not at peace, take this medication or that medication to, in essence, turn you into a zombie rather than deal with your own MAN OF SIN. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to say the following: if you love God, trust in Him. If you have concerns and pains, don’t hide them- talk to HIM about them. He can be awfully silent- no one knows that better than I do- but in the end, it’s who you know and if you know the Lord- have taken that step to ask Jesus to forgive your sins and to make your path straight, then trust him no matter what. In the end, the only person who can convince you of anything is Him. You’re either saved or you’re not. If you worry about it, then you probably are because otherwise you wouldn’t care one way or the other. And don’t be afraid to talk to God as though he were right there- He is. He might be silent but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t hear- or that He doesn’t care. I assure you, He certainly does. But it’s up to YOU to determine that, because I can assure, stress, punctuate, all day but unless YOU have that relationship with your Father, you will never know for sure. I ask God, the Father, through the name of His son, Jesus the Christ, to maintain your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus and to give you comfort where you need it; encouragement to stay on the Straight and the Narrow path and to be strong enough to withstand the fiery darts of the evil one who will stop at nothing to throw your walk off with the Lord. If he can’t have YOU- he’ll throw crap in your way to make you stumble and though he’s not omnipresent like God is, he STILL knows you very well because our issues come from within and he knows EXACTLY what buttons to push!

God bless you. Cross

Celebrate Opportunity!!

Yesterday was an amazing day! I got up a little earlier than usual, my head abuzz with the thoughts and excitement and yes, even a smidge of fear. I went through my usual routine in the morning, hopped on the bus, went to the transit center and transferred to the next bus and worked with the bus driver to figure out where, exactly, I was supposed to go. They were VERY accommodating!

See, for about 3 weeks, I’ve been planning to attend a grant writing seminar at theimagejpeg_7 (1)   here in Colorado Springs and I’ve been sooooo looking forward to it! 

I’m  sure I’ve mentioned that I was asked to write a grant for Overcomers International Ministry.  I am glad to do it but as always, when faced with something I have never done before, I didn’t know how to proceed. I tried to read a couple of grant-writing books, including Grant Writing for Dummies but apparently I needed more because it made NO sense lol. 

So, after getting off the bus yesterday at the Broadmore Hotel, I walked the direction the bus driver instructed and finally made it to my destination. I was blown away-the view was amazing!! 

imagejpeg_9 (1)

I was in the first class, “Case for Support”  from 9-12. That went very well, and then we had lunch (most of the people went out of the area to eat). Then, at 1:30,  we met back at the Penrose Room and started “Effective Grant writing”.  Because I’m new to the area, there are a lot of places I’ve never been and so yesterday I played TOURIST as well as STUDENT. What a day! Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity!!

Please enjoy the following montage of the pictures I took yesterday!

Stop in! Sit a spell!


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I wanted to make sure that Overcomers International Ministry is not forgotten.

We are working on expansion. Just this morning, between Apostle Iva imagejpeg_7 (2) 

and myself, we interviewed – and accepted –  three new volunteers.

Volunteers come to us when they need office experience and are fulfilling the requirements of either Employment First or Viewpoints/Directions via Goodwill Industries

 Goodwill Logo

for people on TANF (Cash Aid) or food stamps (SNAP).  We are beyond blessed to have these new additions coming on; one speaks Spanish fluently and will be able to convert all our essential documents into Spanish for future Spanish speaking volunteers (Apostle Iva is from Panama so Spanish is her native tongue) and two others who know the computer as well as I do which will help me to do a more productive day and not have to do everything myself.      stressed_smilie_plate-r44d9dc2dd00e400abe3c361eb511f4ad_ambb0_8byvr_512

Seriously, though, I think I do a pretty good job of getting the things done that need to be done, fairly expeditiously, but as General Manager, a title I’ve never held before and certainly don’t want to lose, one of the things I must learn to do is DELEGATE and this is my opportunity to do so. 

We have fundraisers coming up again, May 10th and 11th at Walmart on Platte Street and again on May 17th and 18th at the Palmer Park Walmart and I hope that anyone in the area will come by and see us. If you need food; if you know someone who needs it, please let them know about the Food Pantry at 2210 La Salle in Colorado Springs. Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3 is when we  hand out food, having each family fill out an application and then giving as the family size indicates (a LOT of food). As the need and demand rises, we will open our food pantry more to accommodate. 

Come and visit us!! For more information about Overcomers International Ministry, please come visit us at!

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